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Goodbye Mork...

2014-08-11 22:36:43 by Jiovanni

I can't believe he is really gone. I figured heart attack with his recent history of heart surgery. I figured hypertension, or stress, or maybe even drug or alcohol related. But reports of suicide.... And a great man of such wit and humor, with his millions of adoring fans... Spent his years making us laugh. He was laughing with us loudly on the outside, but quietly crying to himself on the inside... With a wife and children, now left without a husband or father. It happened so fast. In the blink of an eye and he is gone. We are now left to absorb the damage and pick up the pieces and try to move on. But there was no one else like him-- or any of us. Each human being is indiviual and unique. He made his lasting mark on the world, in comedy, and in our hearts. Now all we have are the memories. We truly never know what we have until it is gone. But I will tell you this. If we had known, we sure as hell would have been reaching out left and right to him for support; to be there for him and to show him that no matter how alone you feel-- you are never truly alone. When we die, everyone gathers, family and friends; they mourn and pay tribute and remember. Even if the words aren't always said, even if it has been years since last met. Rregardless of the space inbetween, in that moment of mourning there becomes an even bigger space, a hole in the heart and the soul-- that will never mend or repair. 


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2014-08-11 22:59:01

I can't believe it either. I remember hearing about other celebrities' deaths before (like Philip Seymour Hoffman's, Whitney Houston's, and Heath Ledger's), but this one really hit me the hardest since he seemed to be doing alright; heck, he even celebrated his daughter's birthday a while ago. It also hit close to home, since it seems that he too was battling depression. Just... man, this is just so weird and it feels so wrong. Maybe it is true that the people that seem the happiest are just acting; really, they are the saddest.

Anyways, before I forget, I want to thank you for what you typed, and I hope that you do keep your uniqueness up, and stay safe.

Jiovanni responds:

Hey Rabid,

I know the feels man. I'm struggling with them today. I just realized that I went through my whole day as work, so caught up in the moment-- not even realizing until I came home that we lost someone so dear to SO many people. It is just so hard to accept, especially since he was seeming to be doing well. I also read about him celebrating his daughter's recent birthday. Why, not even maybe a month or so ago-- I heard talks of a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel! well... now we will never seem that..

I always imagined him being the funny man, even at 90 years old-- still keeping us in laughing...
How can a star shine so bright, but be burnt out so suddenly...

And, you are very welcome. I feel its only respectful to give him a proper farewell.
I'm here to stay no worries. I've already cheated death; I don't plan to spin the wheel again. :-)