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Entry #186

Flower Update

2014-08-02 00:29:06 by Jiovanni



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2014-08-02 01:44:22

I like the extra details tho.

Jiovanni responds:

thank you


2014-08-02 03:29:29

I think it's upside down or something, I constantly wanna rotate it so it looks like the bloomers outside....

Jiovanni responds:

yeah I think it is slightly crooked. I'm glazing it today so I will try to angle it properly for the final submission


2014-08-02 14:48:38

Just a matter of preference, how it's positioned... man, those dots came out perfectly, jewelry quality!

Jiovanni responds:

thank you!


2014-08-02 15:55:41

Almost looks too big to be a broach...... maybe on an Easter Sunday hat (if those still exist)?

Jiovanni responds:

its a little bigger than the size of my palm. It's meant to adorn a coffee table.