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2014-05-08 01:12:18 by Jiovanni

note to self: in life there will always be someone better than you; always. But always keep in mind, there will also be someone worse than you. Find middle ground and acceptance. Learn and grow from your mistakes. Don't still your head in the clouds, but don't bury yourself six feet under either. 

Love your art both good and back. embrace it and love it. If you created something in joy and inspiration, with whole-heartedness---- then just be happy and love it. Picking out every flaw turns you cold and stressed. Life is not about perfection. You may think it looks ugly and you hate it, but your art may breathe life into many a weary soul. Look into those soft eyes, and see love, see passion. The same passion that sparked your inspiration to create. 

"thoughts while looking at the dog drawing after finishing it" 


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2014-05-08 02:15:40

Is this... maybe... one of those speeches, of be happy with what you have because it can always be worse? appreciate and shi... i mean and stuff?

Surprisingly enough this one is not making me mad.

Jiovanni responds:

this one is not making you mad?? lol! care to elaborate? Like causing you insanity or rage?


2014-05-08 05:24:51

Huh, I would've thought a native Californian would've considered that a truism, but I suppose you're based off sterner stuff, and less want to pontificate on the subject of: the individual vs. the other 7 billion ppl, and what they're up to.

Idk, I thought the shading (more intricate) part of the linework, could've been a little better, but it's still unique and cute :3 Every new piece you do, invites you to improve your art, in new and different ways. And you've been improving...

Jiovanni responds:

Thank you!! Yes, I agree the shading/hatching could have been better. I think I got tired or bored halfway through the drawing. My hands were not as cooperative, as they had been earlier when I first started drawing the dog.


2014-05-08 23:13:09

After 8 hours of office duty a day, it's a wonder you can be creative at all! What does your husband do while you're practicing your artistry?

Jiovanni responds:

my husband has his own little room, his man-cave. He pretty much hangs out there and is on his computer. He occasionally comes out and visits me. He is very sweet. He knows I like my time to myself to do my art. Sometimes I show him my creations and he always likes them. He saw the dog yesterday and said it looked silly. that it did.

Yeah, its crazy all right, having the time and energy to do art after an 8 hour work day. But it comes naturally to me. Usually after work I relax for a bit and then hit the gym to do treadmill or Yoga class. Then afterwards, I come home, eat something, and then sit down and do art. The only thing that affects my art is my occasional bouts of depression. I'm on meds, but the feelings still seep through the cracks. So on my bad days, I don't make anything... some times for days on end. I look at the paper and pen or the clay and it just disgusts me. But on my good days, it's exciting and refreshing and enjoyable.


2014-05-08 23:47:27

It did look silly, your man sounds like a great guy, respect yo. The funniest artwork I ever owned, went with my Datsun (Nissan) Maxima (couldn't get it off without destroying it, so I left it on). It was a vinyl color, realistic cartoon cat, that looked like I took a hard left turn, while it was in the back of the car *splat*. It was fucking hilarious, I got about a half hour of solid laughter looking at that thing, overall. Plus cops and car inspectors loved it.

Jiovanni responds:

aww thanks! :-)

so the car art, was that a decal then? sounds awesome! I used to get decals and little stickers w/ each car I got. I went through about maybe 7 different cars in about under 10 years. I stopped getting stickers after I got the mustang. I just love my 'stang too much to put stickers on it. I got little seatbelt shoulder strap cover things w/ the mustang logo on them; super sweet. I still haven't needed to replace my floormats yet. My steering wheel is a stupid odd size. my 2006 ford focus was like that too. So I can't just got out and buy a steering wheel cover at the auto store... I tried, they don't fit. oh well. The exterior paint is chipping a bit here and there. But I have had her now for about 3 years. I miss having an SUV, that burning in my heart will never cease. But, I don't think I will ever have a mustang again in my life, so I'm enjoying it while I can. Awesome car, never had any problems to date. My previous cars were all money pits; always breaking down, always requiring repairs. but that is a whole 'nother story.


2014-05-08 23:51:29

Rage, i hate when people say things like "hey it could be worse".

Jiovanni responds:

well, sometimes you have to look at life that way though. Force yourself to be optimistic, when deep down all you want to scream out is pessimism. I know it's a very over used and drug through the mud phrase, but sometimes it can put things into perspective. I didn't like the way the dog drawing turned out. I hated it. It looked like me as a child drawing a dog. I say that because I had poor motor skills as a child due to my being premature.

I will say that when people say to me "hey, it could be worse", on my moody days I fee like saying
"yeah, it could be worse. I could be pushing you down a flight of stairs right now".
lol. I don't say that though. I'm not a mean person by nature, only when provoked. In public I tend to be very shy and introverted, neutral and non-confrontational.


2014-05-09 01:10:28

I actually answer (in a very rude way), but not from a pessimistic approach, i answer with realism, and i actually end making the person to end feeling really, really bad about their way of thinking.

And since i know how rude and mean i can be with this theme, lest say that the initial way i which you paraphrased this whole thing is well versed enough for me to not get mad, and lets spare you an unpleasant read.

Jiovanni responds:

lol, well even if blunt-- realism is often the best approach.


2014-05-09 22:23:40

Is sure is haha.