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Entry #151

Silly Frenchy

2014-05-08 01:05:31 by Jiovanni


Everything is not without its charm. This is a french bulldog that I drew; my silly little frenchy. I don't have a dog, but I do love this breed. As you can see the boldest marks that I etched into this white paper w/ my inky gel pen, are lost in the very pupils of this dogs' eyes. The windows to the very soul, indeed. As you are pondering this (or not), you can also take note that the rest of the dog is made up of little lines or hatchings around the face and body. My original intent was to make the hatched in areas a solid black. I was going to do that, but then thought that it would look better, more involved, more immersed, more productive if I just drew little lines instead; lines to represent the darker colors of fur and shade on the dog. The first photo was my layout. After many minutes of thinking I then moved into the hatching phase, which you can see in the other two photos. I had a difficult time squeezing the photos in the way that I wanted the drawings viewed. It's not just about art. It's about presentation. I present to you this french bulldog. Love it or hate it. Your choice. But it spews forth a little heart, just for you. ______________ Side note, this little blurb was written while under the influence of music :-P



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2014-05-08 02:09:39

What a cute pug.

Jiovanni responds:

glad you like it. His eyes are a little lopsided. So I would chalk it up to either a stroke or just a derp face


2014-05-08 23:51:56

Pugs have derp faces anyways.

Jiovanni responds:

yes they do! they have the cutest little faces! I love bulldogs too!


2014-05-09 00:57:34

Well they are cute, but i prefer bigger dogs.

Jiovanni responds:

I like bigger dogs as well. I like Rotts a lot. We had a black lab/ Rott mix. Best dog ever.


2014-05-09 22:25:31

I have a 11 year old lab, quite energetic most of the time.