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So I heard you like Anime...

Posted by Jiovanni - April 26th, 2014

1846717_139856472623_fotor_9.jpgThink I'm gonna send this to my manga-loving friend in the big house.

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I'm deeply infiltrated into NGHQ right now.
Hope the truck is still at the hotel.......


Are you worried the truck got stolen? Does it lock up for security?

Yes i do like anime, as long as it is not moe, which is a rare thing nowadays.

a moe being a guy? or a gay? Cuz I've seen both of those in both settings some are just gay and some just look gay. Either way, its a meh.

Woo, an abstractly catty anime tribute. Looks good!

Thank you!

Moe doesn't needs to be gay, is just a weird fixation over cute things, and i really don't like cuteness, but cuteness is almost ever-present in this media, specially in our times when everything is like this: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/638164

oh yeah, I saw that animation. I've never played the game so the two sisters seemed very strange and creepy, what with having spider bodies and all. Or at least that's what it looked like. I guess they could have been riding on the spiders too. But yeah, overload of cuteness.
"Chibi... Chibi the hell outta it!"

The Chaos sisters are witches from the world of dark souls that by trying to extent the life of the primordial fire failed and spread a curse that brought demons to the world, these charming women now are sexy half women, and half sexy hot demonic spider that breaths fire and spits lava, the white one however is slowly dying and needs a supply of humanity (souls) to remain alive.

So yeah, nothing really cute, but i do admit, dem sister are hot, yeah... still hot, they even breath fire!

Wow, half sexy women and half.... sexy spider? lol
I have heard that the dark souls game is a bit of a bitch to play. There is a funny flash animation on here that parodies it well. I've never played the game, but after seeing that parody animation, I don't think I want to ever play that game. Was watching some animated skyrim parodies on youtube last night. There was about 11 episodes total. Was funny, but kind of veered off from the actual mechanics and game play of the actual game. Some of it was just completely out there. Still funny though.

This is the skyrim youtube parody series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mv3ScKLD1Vc

This is the Dark Sauce/dark souls parody on NG: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/626524

No lockup, it's a pretty safe area of town, but sometimes cities like to tow vehicles, if they're not doing business there... The clerk charged my card, but it was before check in time, so no key, but I was on record.
I should probably just make a big post about it... oh wow, I forgot I wrote you when I was (mostly) there at NGHQ... how authentic! Got so much to catch up on...

oh, do tell! I bet the big meeting/party/convention was awesome!! :-)

Dem mutant spiders have such hot legs! for real they literally will burn you XD.

Yes the game is masochistic hard, and the story is abstractedly told, so getting to know the full story is also masochistic hard XD.

Lololol those are the senile scribbles, they parody Skyrim not Dark Souls haha. Talking about Skyrim how is it going on ESO? i heard that people are complaining hard, did the whole thing failed?

Yep that video pretty much describes how the whole game is. Dat abdomen!

so I had this giant long response that I was typing up for you... and then I went and became stupid and tried to close a tab so I could google the name of the dragonborn adversary in the new skyrim expansion... and I freaking closed my newgrounds tab-- erasing everything I had typed...

Yeah I have heard that the dark souls game is insanely hard, so I steered clear of that mess. I was aware the sensible scribbles was about skyrim and the dark souls parody that I linked was about.... dark souls, lol! I did separate the two I believe and titled them accordingly.

As for ESO.... we bascially ditched it.. LOL!

We were super psyched for like a whole year about it and even before the betas started rolling out, we were very excited and enthusiastic about the game. After the betas, it was different. I honestly think a big problem we had was realizing the cost and having to sit there and actually visualizing ourselves playing it on a regular basis and getting our money's worth out of it. We decided that we just didn't have the time to devote to it and having to shell out $60 for the game, plus the $15 subscription fee per month, just wasn't worth it. The reviews I have heard online are not doing it any favors either. Maybe we expected too much from it? Maybe we didn't expect anything at all? But yeah, I have heard major fails for ESO. It has potential, but I dunno. I felt it was difficult to navigate, some the quest marker locations were obscure, quests in general were vague or confusing, etc. I didn't like that the NPC and players didn't have nameplates over them.

Lately I've been playing torchlight II and played a bit of Infinity Wars last night. I've also played path of exile and Diablo III, both of which I booted up yesterday and went "meh" and "bleah" and then immediately closed the games. lol!

Still recovering, and struggling to keep up w/ farm duties, and making time for the nutters here :)
You submitted the above cat? I like to archive things from the Art Portal, makes the filenames consistent.

I did submit the above cat.
I like to give my uploaded art photos random names and then archive them away.

Haha, almost all of those games you mentioned have got bad reviews and lot of hate, except maybe for torchlight, so what are you playing nowadays other than WoW? May i suggest trying Dota 2? XD.

lol really? omg, that is funny!!

well, I actually finally quit WoW a couple of months ago. I tried the Dota 2 but I didn't really like it that much. Right now, I was mostly playing Torchlight 2 and a tiny, minuscule bit of infinity wars. But I have been kinda meh about it this week so I am turning more towards my art again for time time consumption and entertainment.

Oh you stopped playing WoW? why? last time you said that you were doing quite well with your new elf and the alliance friends...

infinity wars? the Magic the Gathering look alike (clone)? interesting, other than Yu-Gi-Oh and Duel Masters i didn't played any fantasy strategy card games, and really Yugi was just a fad, and Duel Masters... well the design of the monsters of DM was just fucking awesome! so just owning the cards was nice.

TL:DR how good is Infinity Wars, and why? also do you like FPS? if so ever tried Hawken?

Yeah, I finally stopped. My husband kept getting on my case about it, and I was just starting to get bored.

I don't really like the infinity wars game. I mean its cool w/ the animated cards and all. But we have TONS of magic cards at home. Plus I have two of my own made decks. and, even though I have played magic a few times, it's not particularly my cup of tea.

Infinity wars is fine. I mean its nice because you basically play against a computer or AI and don't have to deal w/ physical card decks to fine tune, just imaginary ones. I thought the interface was neat. You can find it on the steam program. I liked how each card had an animation when you zoomed in on it. It had a creature or action and it was moving. However, the actual game play is just the cards battling each other w/ a bit of blood on the cards to show when they are hit. The game operates a lot like magic. However, instead of starting w/ lands and getting your mana and different elements saved up for card cost-- in infinity wars you have resources that you start with. I think you start out with 4 or 5 resources and then as you progress during the battle, you get more resources over time. Each card has a number on it which corresponds to the amount of resources required to use that card. The resources are show as a group of bars at the top of the screen. When you run out of resources or moves, then you end the turn and then the computer takes its turn and you battle. The goal is to reach the enemy's fortress and burn down their health to zero. When you cast a card onto the battlefield it usually gets summoning sickness. You unlock different zones, and in turn different decks and cards. you gain levels and also new cards as you progress.
Again, this game isn't something I get sucked into. I've played a couple rounds, but I'm not really into it.

What is FPS? and what is Hawken? I haven't heard of those.

Lol, then why didn't you hooked him into playing wow too, one of the rare women (that were actually women not internet drags) that were on my guild played with her husband, one time they got on your average marriage discussion, and she changed arena teams XD, that was the closest thing they had to distancing each other, ah so gunny and childish.

Is not your cup of tea? but you have 2 decks? haha.
I actually liked Duel Masters so much that i got this: http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/images/products/out/large/HAS10284.jpg you can actually fire the missiles and a mechanism in one of his legs makes the helices move. And then time passed, the series refused to end, and while they still get some incredible creatures, the thing has gone out of hand, i just don't like it as i used to, it has so many seasons, that the whole thing feels vulgar.

Sounds quite average actually, talking about card games, and WoW, any thoughts on HeartStone? is way more simple than most card games, but it takes place in the WoW universe.

FPS: First-person shooter, and Hawken is, a video will do the talking here XD: http://store.steampowered.com/video/271290 Did i mention that it is free to play? because it is!

We both played WoW off and on for about 6 years total. He finally gave up a couple of years ago. He was done. I started up earlier this year, but he wanted no part of it. We were looking forward to the ESO game.... until we lost interest. lol!

Yeah, I have two decks and they have been sitting for about 3 years now. lol!

I did enjoy borderlands and borderlands 2 a lot, though they are pretty much the same. I tried fall out, but I just didn't like it as much.

I just saw the Hawken trailer. it looks pretty good. I'd play that.

I also played EVE briefly, forgot to mention that. I really did not care for it in the slightest. My husband loved it.

Hahaha, bad luck then.

Oh Borderlands, that is not really what i would call an example to represent FPS, maybe new gen RPGs with shooters, oh and the same goes for Fallout , even if that game is highly loved, did you play the Fallout the fisrt one or the last ones? regardless all those games are more RPG than FPS, XD.

Give it a try it will probably be good to have a chance from all those RPGs.

EVE? another RPG and MMO! damn don't you ever get tired of the same thing? maybe you should play some Mario, or some Smash bros, maybe an adventure single player game, just to get a chance in your game diet haha. But back to RPGs how much did you play D&D?

I played some of the Las Vegas/New Vegas/Whatever Vegas one via Steam. I've also played one of the fallouts, I think maybe fallout 2? Didn't play very much of any of it, mind you. just a bit.

I played plenty of Mario in my days. I was playing it a lot on my nintendo 3DS.... until I lost the game cartridge... and they are expensive! man!

I also was playing Pokemon X for a while too. I played that all the way through to the end game. I enjoyed it a lot.

I never played D&D, only magic cards.

I see, oh well is not for everyone.

That sucks.

Haha i haven't touched a pokemon game in quite a while.

Is that so? weird most of your current games are RPGs it seemed natural if you were also a D&D player.

Yeah, I never touched D&D. just never came up. I don't really like the board games. I never really liked magic for that same reason. I feel like I can immerse myself in a 3D RPG or mmorpg game more so than I can a card or board game.

I don't know... It's your turn. go fish!

What do i win if my fish is bigger than yours? XD.

I actually didn't like D&D for the extensive set of rules that it has, it was getting in the way of immersing into the game, plus it has too much RPG for me haha.

lol! You win an extra fish!

now i can make them breed!