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Entry #111

The unknown man

2014-03-18 01:25:05 by Jiovanni

To the man I never knew… I’m not good with introductions, so I’ll just say hello. I don’t know you very well, but that’s not saying much considering I never knew you. Its hard though. I married your son, the young boy you raised to grow into the man you never knew. The pain you told yourself that would only last for a minute-- was for your eyes only. For him, it will last his entire life time. The hole in his heart and soul, the tear you left when you made your choice. The wound that never closes, never heals, and bleeds for all eternity. There are so many things left unsaid, so many questions he will never have answers to. We think of ourselves as too small and insignificant, until that moment comes and we impact those all around us and beyond our arms grasp. Although I never met you, I look at your son and see your very image and self in him. You were there in life for those around you and those who needed you; now in your absence, they still gather and honor your and your memory, your self, your being and your impact upon them all. To me, you will always be the man I never knew… I can never change that. But today in your remembrance, I smile and say hello. Hello. It is nice to meet you. I am your daughter in law.



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2014-03-18 04:29:16

"I married you son..."
I married you, son... - Oh snap you married your own son!!!
I married, you son... - Yeah but with who? with the young boy he raised? ins't that... your own grandson!?
I married Yuu Son... - I see so he/she is Chinese, congrats!
I married your song... -Ah a musical union.
I married your son... now i see, congrats!

Jiovanni responds:

lol, I meant to say "I married your son"


2014-03-19 23:55:35

XD i know... or do i?