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Letting Go...

2014-03-01 19:10:28 by Jiovanni

This... will take a bit of explaining.. I will start off by apologizing for the camera photo quality. All photos were done on a timer on my cell phone and I was trying to keep my left hand as steady as possible, since I was using my right dominant hand as part of the art. I was having a hard time keeping my left hand steady for each photo... okay so now that's out in the open, here is the fun stuff! This was supposed to be an octopus head. I had all intention of making an cute little octopus w/ puffy cheeks and and irresistible smile. the intent was to use my hand in the clay project. So I had the idea of an octopus grabbing my fingers w/ its little cute tentacles. Well... it has tentacles and it is grabbing my fingers and it does have cute little hearts around its head. But this thing is in no way a cute little smiley octopus. It basically a zombie w/ tentacles coming out of its head... Oh well. At this point I just let it be. At least it looks somewhat human... hmm... Hope you like it. I felt like I to do something today since I have been neglecting the clay so much. The clay has been the ugly child pushed into the corner for far too long... My favorite line from Queen as sung by Freddie Mercury, "I want to break free". enough said.


Honestly, I needed an excuse NOT to play elder scrolls. *heavy sigh*... this is the second Beta weekend that I have been able to play so far.. Honestly, I'm disappointed. Its getting down to the wire w/ the release date and I find myself second guessing myself and I don't know if I can actually see myself playing this game long term. I obviously won't go into detail because of legal lawyer reasons and what not, but I just cannot get into that game. I find myself counting down my time online and saying "yeah I think that is enough for now" and then stopping. I don't really find myself thinking about playing or having any real drive or motivation to play that MMORPG. I have been playing WoW recently, and i"m finding that more enjoyable for some reason. I don't know. I think maybe it has to do w/ ease of use and access. I feel like I'm struggling to figure out elder scrolls and I think its just too frustrating. I dunno...



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2014-03-01 19:40:23

Jiovanni responds:

you just spammed my post... way to go....


2014-03-01 20:18:29

Who cares what it's supposed to be.. to me, it looks like a pug turtle's face. I can still see how it looks like an octopus. Either way, it looks good, and sure as hell looks like it needed a deft touch to make it!

Mm, Elder Scrolls. Lot of traveling in that game, or used to be. Best leave that stuff alone, find an excuse for real life time wasters, that don't require much electricity. Myself, I just like fighting my introverted nature, whenever possible.

Jiovanni responds:

Thank you! well I like to always explain my work, especially when it doesn't turn out the way I imagine. I'm really glad you liked it! Taking the photos was the hardest part. I think the construction of the face took over an hour. It is painstaking having to lay down each small strand of clay onto the face on by one... takes a lot of time.


2014-03-01 20:33:58

You are very talented with clay. If I tried to do that, it'll look like a huge mess XD

Jiovanni responds:

haha! Thank you! well it takes practice and effort. I've been doing this for about a year now. Time really flies by. The key is patience and good music to get you in the mood... for art--- not lovin'


2014-03-01 21:00:46

Darn, haven't commented or reviewed a lot of your clay works lately. :/
And they all look so cool too! Sorry!

I will get round to posting a passionate paragraph or two about this one and your other submissions, I promise.
Also, concerning XXXX1234...well played on spamming the spammer, I got a chuckle out of that. I saw his post first and thought you were going for some sly promotion tactics, then I came here and realised that he'd got you first.

This is my idea of exciting. :P


Jiovanni responds:

hey no prob! I haven't been posting very much lately... been slacking off myself too much lol!
I always LOVE your reviews and your paragraphs! :-) <3

Yeah, XXXX1234 thought he was too cool for school by spamming my blog... little did he know my wrath! Mwuahahaha!

Yeah, so I spammed him back and he replied "kk...." to my spam-attack, lol!
people are stupid, that is a fact... *sigh* humanity..


2014-03-01 21:36:09

Elder Scrolls isn't for everyone but I still love Morrowind
I loved oblivion for a long time and I guess I'd still play it if I had it
but like I said I'll always love Morrowind,
I hated skyrim though and I don't know why. . .

Jiovanni responds:

skyrim got dull after a while. I did some of the expansions, but it just got tiresome. I also noticed that there was a lot of game play glitches, especially w/ dragons and monsters... lol


2014-03-01 21:53:52

is elder scrolls that popular? well I never tried it as well as ass creed or those other big hit games

Jiovanni responds:

well the beta has been started and has been going on off/on for a month or so. The actual game release date is in april and it is going to be an MMORPG w/ a monthly subscription.


2014-03-01 22:31:40

I really want to feel bad for you not getting what your initial intentions want, but goddammit i am loving that tentacle zombie XD.

About MMORPGs i played WoW for a long time, a long time, since the original one with a cap lvl of 60 to the ending of WoTLK, when the Cataclysms happened Blizzard trashed itself all over the story which was what got me hooked since the days of Warcraft 3 (And is also how i meet Dota which i still play today as Dota 2, but every now and then i visit regular Dota), anyway FOR THE HORDE!! *uhum* anyway... MMORPGs can really consume time and effort and in the end you just don't know if all of it was worth it, with a patch they can ruin a lot of things, it depends a lot of what you like and of how many friends you play with, part of me stopping playing WoW is because most if not all of my friends went to play League of Lesbians... and then Blizzard made Thrall a family man and put him on retirement, Garrosh tried to ruin the Horde and lately it seems that Vol'jin is trying to get things together, Cairne is death, and the obvious Undead plotted to betray the horde (more than once, in more ways than expected, and by more different parties than predicted) and yet it was not a surprise we all knew it, then there are the Blood elves who i still don't know why they ended here, in short the shamanistic horde ended after Warcraft 3 when Sylvanas joined, then it died when Thrall left, and is now trying to come back with Vol'jin, but is it wort it? then there is the golden child that appears in the comics who hasn't even appeared in WoW to this day, that is going to be another mess. Really i sometimes wonder if i should go and see how my Orc Shaman is doing, with that new patch promising the creation of garrisons and armies Warcraft style, but na is not worth it.

I haven Played Elder scrolls, but i am pretty much done with MMORPGs at this point, it would take a really weird, and novel idea to get me back.

Jiovanni responds:

I don't blame you. I Have played WoW off and on for about 7 years now. I just came back to it this year after being away for about 2 to 3 years. To me, their constant patch updates messing w/ the classes and armor sets is what initially frustrated me. The PVP and armor sets became worthless w/ each patch and the patches came so quickly one after another that it just became too pointless. Then the kung-fu pandas were released upon the WoW world and that was just a huge bitchslap... ugh...

Even now as I play, its pretty much worthless. They took away the talent trees and pretty much butchered them. You only get like 6 to 10 talents total, one point in each level section per talent spec. Before you had like 30 or so to choose from and on top of that, you could put extra points into a talent to make it stronger or more effective. the glyphs are the same, which thats a relief. Everything also was very dumbed down. I didn't think that the game needed to be made kid or idiot friendly...
When I first started playing WoW, my life was.. completely different.. I was playing w/ friends and I had friends, and a few people that I knew where still alive back then... At this point, Its a mental escape for me. My friends are gone and our guild is non-existant. I joined a new guild and am rebuilding. Gaming won't bring back those who have passed on... But I try to forget that when I'm playing. I have to block it out somehow or else it is mind consuming.

Elder scrolls is good. This beta time through is better, the lag isn't too bad... but we keep getting kicked as of this evening. So for now I'm taking a break and going back to WoW.


2014-03-02 00:52:44

Haha i actually wanted to play with the pandaren because you know it was a long expected thing for Warcraft players, to find a pandaren in the campaigns always felt good.

Yeah it is not the same playing it when your friends are not there too, and changing guild is fine but is just temporally, i remember that at one point i went on solo raids to beat all the dungeons on Azeroth by myself, at that point i knew that after i ended exploring the world i was done with he game, and indeed the thing just got more and more tedious.

Interesting, for multiplayers other than Dota i am playing Hawken, and that's it, i will probably consider giving Titanfall a try if they manage to keep it fresh beyond a CoD with mechs.

So what is the catch on Elder scrolls online?

Jiovanni responds:

well the elder scrolls so far is enjoyable. The graphics and some of the gameplay is similar to skyrim. its online w/ multiplayer and will have a subscription just like WoW. There are dungeons and PVP areas as well, questing etc. I think the main catch would be that you have to subscribe to play, and have a good video card to handle the graphics. You have your races to choose from and different classes but anyone can be whatever. Anyone can be a tank, just w/ the right gear and a shield and sword. I'm not sure about the healer though. They have a templar/healing class; however, as you progress w/ your character some classes have their own self heals which are nice. You gather mats and can craft your own items, potions, etc. The first beta I played about 1 month ago, was so laggy I thought my computer couldn't handle the game. It made me hesitant if I would even be able to play the actual game when it was available. But, doing this second beta test, I have had a lot less lag and playing was much more enjoyable. There have been a lot of server kicks tonight... but this is just a beta. I tried DOTA, but I'm not much for the point and clicks or the zoomed out 3rd person game play. I don't mind 3rd person necessarily, but I like WoW or skyrim 3rd person where you can zoom into 1st person and such. I don't like playing like I'm on a board game, I like to be in there with the action. Just a personal preference. I've played Diablo III, Torchlight, Titan Quest, DOTA, Path of Exile, etc. They are okay games, but I just don't like that zoomed out game play. I did play Diablo III many times from beginning to end. I liked the storyline and character progression, but the cutscenes were very annoying because we would play through and then go on to the next difficulty level. Also, I don't like games where it's gender specific to only certain classes. I like to be able to be whatever. Diablo III wasn't like that but Path of Exile is.

Yeah, in the end the MMORPG or "morepigs" lol, are just a big waste of time.. they are both time eaters and time wasters. I often stop and reflect on my life w/ those and think to myself that there is surely something else more meaningful that I could be doing w/ my life at that moment. In those occasions I bunker down and make something w/ my art. I figure if I keep that going, it counts as something meaningful in my existence aside from playing stupid computer games. The past few weeks have been weird for me. Normally I can't go more than a week without making something, either out of clay or from drawing. I just made something today, but I've been pushing it aside for weeks. I didn't really have any drive at all to make anything for the past few weeks, which is unusual for myself. I guess we all get into these deep holes of emotion or depression or doubt--- but we have to work to pull ourselves out, lest we become consumed.

I liked your "FOR THE HORDE" reference. I was that way for 7 years, and now-- ironically, I switched over to Ally for the time being. why? Because I decided after 7 years it was time for a change. It's funny how when we play games that have sides or alliances, we become so ingrained w/ hatred for the other side that it does consume us. I'm guilty of it. Anyways, that all changed about 1 month ago, when an alliance member added me via battletag and literally messaged me and we were able to communicate! it was crazy to me because I have only been back on WoW for about a few months, and up to that point-- had no idea that both sides could actually communicate with each other. The Ally apologized for accidentally killing me and she invited me to join her guild of alliance. I made a character and switched. I had nothing to lose since our guild was non-existent and I had no friends online anymore. The guild I joined already had all their guild perks, so I got to soak that up immediately. So, my BOA's plus the guild perks add up and makes the level process a lot smoother. I hope that elder scrolls will do something similar, especially if they do BOA's, that would be great!


2014-03-02 04:19:07

Haha, but a lot of MMORPGs already do all those things, i guess i was asking not really for the trick, but for the appeal of the game, what is the novel thing of Elder Scrolls online? what is that which makes it appealing? my bad, i can see the misunderstanding coming totally from me XD.

I see so i guess you must like Smite if you ever play it since is not really an aerial view, though i don't know if you can zoom into 1st person, however it has all the downsides of the management of LoL plus other shit.

Jiovanni responds:

I haven't heard of or played Smite yet, but I will look into it, thanks! Most of what I have played I get from my husband. He started me on WoW 7 years ago, and then long after he abandoned it, I have since picked up again and played. He basically refuses to play WoW anymore and looks at it with so much disgust. I think in part it is because how much the game has changed and because of the graphics. When Skyrim came out it was groundbreaking because of the amazing quality of the graphics. Oblivion also had good graphics as well. The lure of elder scrolls is that it merges that amazing graphic quality w/ an MMORPG. I will say so far elder scrolls is a lot more involved and has more difficult game mechanics that most MMORPG's that I have played. I am getting used to it. I played again last night until about midnight and I was enjoying it a lot better than before.


2014-03-02 04:28:31

I can't believe you are an ally now, we can no longer be friends, indeed i will go and hate all your clay sculpts from now on, old and new! it is going to be 0s galore from now on!

XD of course no, actually my very second wow character was a human priest (the 1st one was a troll mage), because before burning crusade all my friends were alliance, half way to lvl 30 i understood that the priest class sucks, so i made a night elf druid, and at lvl 20 i got tired of it all and came back to the horde, it all felt better even if i was playing with just strangers and my friends knew were i was so if they wanted they could go and hunt me down (they did not but they sure did joke about camping me), funny enough i had an Orc Hunter, but that didn't lasted because since i was playing solo, for the most part it was really hard, so i made an Orc shaman, and it felt just right, survival skyrocketed, then the Burning Crusade came, and they all made blood elves, we also changed servers and the idea was for us all to level up together in the same zone, but here's the thing:
1st blood elves suck their mount and their capital and their lore sucks.
2nd they don't have shamans (thank dog they don't).
and 3rd i already knew how to level up all the way to lvl 30 as an Orc so there was no appeal for me, so even though we were all horde and in the same server i continued playing solo for quite some time, however a friend of mine had a Tauren warrior who glitched constantly while charging XD, so he got tired and ended with a blood elf paladin... it was not until the moment when we all got to Outland that we finally got to play the game properly, of course it all looked like my fault... nevertheless good times, i can't really say that they ever stopped being alliance, indeed the sense of aesthetics seems to play quite a big role here, making an elf seems like not getting any change at all, and they probably did it to enjoy of better battlegrounds since the Horde was more organized in that server cant even remember the name now, and that may also explain why they all got so hooked on LoL and its sensationalist image is very alliance like.

So TL:DR, i'm glad that you found someone to play with regardless of side, if you get along well enough i am sure you will start enjoying the game as much as before.

Jiovanni responds:

lol! come to the light side... we have... angel-food cake...


2014-03-02 15:48:37

Haha i think i can sympathize with your husband XD.

Mmmh i see the graphics, interesting but i need some-game play beyond detailed mechanics and intricate difficulty, for example Day Z (and ARMA 2) have an intricate going for realistic gameplay, but it can get boring quite fast, if we compare it to Battlefield.

The light side is too pure, conservative, human and boring, i need some monsters, and ferocity in my life, part of me quitting the alliance and leaving my friends to go and play solo in that early time was because being a human in real life roleplaying a human or elf was boring, and the same could be said for LoL, not only are the champions boring, and their powers lack impact, but the thing is more oriented towards sex appeal than battle in the overall design, why, you even get bunny girls, nurses, maids and lingerie outfitted girls going to battle, that just doesn't makes it for me, i need dragons, demons and monsters.