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corruption series

2014-02-04 00:19:16 by Jiovanni

In light of the recent passing of an actor I am starting a "corruption" series. This is my second exercise. This man had sad worn eyes, a lifetime of regret, but a strong jaw... however, you cannot see his jaw because the pink tendrils of corruption that form his beard are literally flowing out from inside his mouth, rendering him speechless and covering up his jaw and chin. He cannot speak. The tendrils have forced his eyes open and cause them to become sore and bloodshot. He cannot cry. He can only stare in fear and silence as he is consumed by his own corruption.



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2014-02-04 01:53:52

looks like phil

Jiovanni responds:



2014-02-04 05:32:07

Looks like a jellyfish.

Jiovanni responds:



2014-02-06 00:18:26

Looks like Phil Jellyfish.