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Back into the swing of things

2014-01-29 00:04:49 by Jiovanni

1846717_139097168812_PhotoGrid_1390970476675.jpgSo here is my logo prototype 6, done via clay instead of drawing. I really liked how it turned out. It also brought back a lot of joy I was missing from the clay. I have been enjoying animation these past few weeks, but the sculpting brings me so much pleasure! Some day I was thinking of making these sculptures, baking them and putting them behind glass in like a picture box frame and selling them. Thought that would be neat. I need to get more baking clay though. I've been rather frustrated with my logo drawing designs which is why I decided to do this logo design in clay to see how it would look. I will experiment some more with this before moving on. 


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2014-01-29 01:59:54

neat-o! liking this!

Jiovanni responds:

Thank you!


2014-01-29 12:36:52

This one looks way better, and i know it can get even better!

Jiovanni responds:

Thank you!