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2013-12-12 01:39:51 by Jiovanni

Well I decided to post my claymation early. It will be part of a collab, but I don't know when that is being released yet. I posted it on youtube and so far have gotten some positive feedback. So far everyone wants me to include sound. Again, I am just starting out and I'm taking baby steps. I will work on sound later, for now I am going to work on my motion and animation with the clay. I also got a second desk lamp to help with the lighting issue. 

I do have a question for you though. As far as music goes, if I was to add a song or music from an artist to my piece, do I need to pay tribute to them in the animation? I don't have a load screen or credits in my animation for the time being. I don't want to get in legal trouble if I post an animation with someone else's music in it. I am basically wanting to know if I need to literally give credit to the music artist in my animation. If so, I will just clay animate the words. That will be fun. But also pointless if not actually needed. 

I am so excited about this big step. I'm glad I finally push my doubt and fear aside and just jumped in. To think, I wouldn't have even had done this without the support of my newgrounds friends. Thank you. 


hmm... I just noticed that they updated the blog portion of newgrounds and there appears to be no spell checker. Forgive me if I make any spelling errors. 


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2013-12-12 02:40:44

I'm typing this in a rush (I'll review your movie later, if that's OK), but what I do know is that you have to credit the musician or artist somewhere in your movie. I haven't actually submitted a movie before (just art), but you can also specify the music you used, which will appear on the left side.

This is all considering that you have asked the artist first, obviously.

Take care and keep up the clay! :D

Jiovanni responds:

Thanks! I figured as much so I will just credit the musician in the animation.


2013-12-12 04:41:56 XD haha.

I just made my review, i forgot to tell you but not only are Stop motions and Claymations allowed here, but time-lapses and procedures are also allowed in Newgrounds, but these last ones are more of an unspoken rule, why because Tom is still being discrete with these things, to avoid getting the portal flooded.

I have to make an aclaration, i forgot to say something on my review, originally i voted 4 stars, but it ended being 3.5 and it was going to be 3, why did i lowered the rating? well there was no sound, of any kind, and i already told you that here is plenty of music to get, what is more you can link the soundtrack used in your submission, it will appear under the members of the piece, on its own zone, under soundtrack for example is the classic theme song of NG it was used on a bunch of flashes like this one so the song would already be mentioned under those involved plus it would have a direct link to it.
But if what worries you is a "credit page" then you can do it in the Author comments section! of course not all music is free of use so depending of what you will use you may have to notify the musician first, but as far as formats to credit creators go, NG has all that covered.