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Tired and sore

2013-11-15 01:55:37 by Jiovanni

I honestly didn't think I was going to work with the clay tonight due to my shoulder pain and fatigue. But I ended wrapping myself up in a tiresome 2 hour clay project. This horse was the result. I really like how it turned out. I should mention, as sad as it is, that all of the clay creations that you have seen me make one by one- are destroyed each night to begin anew.
I have been stuck using my non-hardening clay because I have been too lazy and cheap to buy the baking clay.
So I just have been reusing the same ball of clay over and over. Its kind of sad, to have that effort go to waste. But I have the pictures to show you at least. Some day I will buy more baking clay and starting baking things to sell.

Tired and sore


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2013-11-15 06:18:51

That looks immense. I'll rate it for now and post a review for it later, if that's alright.

Also, do take care. I hope your shoulder is OK and remember, the odd break here and there is needed. We're not going anywhere, after all. :)

Jiovanni responds:

thats fine! Take your time, I love all of my fans art critiques and reviews :-)
My shoulder has been getting pretty uncomfortable. Its getting to the point that its effecting me at work. I will get it looked at some point down the road.

Getting married Monday, So I may or may not have time to do some clay work. we'll see.


2013-11-16 04:49:03

On the bright side these awesome artistic creations won't take any extra space, though you could probably make some profit off of such creations... also great gifts I'd imagine. At a first glance this looked like a dragon to me, but after reading it's a horse... it's definitely a horse! Nice work.

Jiovanni responds:

Thank you very much! I have gotten a lot of positive feed back and praise about the horse.


2013-11-17 19:51:10

Real complexity and depth to this clay model. It does seem a shame to destroy the clay once you have finished a piece.

How do these things feel? The actual clay I mean, does it kind of stay stiff and rigid? I'm just thinking about when you sell them, is it easy for them to keep their shape? How large are your clay models scale-wise?

Jiovanni responds:

The Horse head that I made last week is about 11" in length from the hair on the head, down to the braided tendrils. From the tip of the nose to the hair on the back of the neck, the length is 8".

The actual clay is made used non-hardening model clay that I bought from Michael's craft store.
The clay is very hard to work with at first, and is very cold and stiff. Once I start working w/ the clay, it warms up and becomes more pliable. When I was completing the horse head, it was about a two hour creation. At then end, the clay I was working with became very soft and warm because of so much handling. But the softness and pliability is how I am able to create the tiny curls, swoops and designs to give the piece so much depth and personality.

It is a shame to destroy them in the end. I haven't mashed this one up yet because I am so fond of it.
When I sell them, I will have to buy and use baking clay specifically. Other wise the pieces would just fall apart from handling.

I have already experimented w/ other clay objects with the baking clay. I have made about 7 of them, but they are nothing compared to this. I am not sure how the clay will fair when I try to make them out of the baking clay. I start w/ a base for the object I am making and create it out of flat clay, like a silhouette. Then I just apply all the strands, curls, and twists directly onto the base. I don't really press them onto the base, because it will leave an impression on the clay. They sort of just rest on top of each other. However, if I do start baking these, I have a clear glaze that I can paint on afterwards that helps seal the clay slightly together. Regardless, I think that with so many of the small strands and curls, that they would break off in transit.


2013-11-21 15:45:33

It didn't go to waste you got a picture of it.

Jiovanni responds:

Thanks! Sometimes it feels like a waste. I saw Lazy Muffin (Yotam)'s little video on how he is going on this new site in order to try and make money w/ his animations. I saw that and was happy for him, but at the same time felt a slight tinge of bitterness and reject. and as I watched his video and looked deeply into his eyes, I could see myself there years down the road... meh.

Sometimes I don't know why I bother with art. I can't do anything with it. it's like I'm making tea everyday just to share it with no one.