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Happy Halloween!!

2013-10-30 23:53:39 by Jiovanni

Hope everyone has a spook-tacular Halloween this year! No-- I'm not dressing up this year. No, I didn't carve a pumpkin this year. No, I did not decorate my house this year. But I did a Halloween themed drawing tonight and may dig into the clay tomorrow to make a nice little pumpkin!

I did however eat plenty of candy, so at least I can say I did that. And of course enjoy many of the Simpsons Halloween episodes, as they are a favorite of mine.

Happy Halloween!!


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2013-10-31 01:02:41

Just another Thursday for me...


2013-11-02 06:07:52

Happy belated Halloween! I didn't dress up either this year, didn't eat any candy, didn't even watch a scary movie! O_o Halloween's not that big here but the last five years I've been a pirate so it is a break of tradition. Ah well, at least I'm part of the official Collab!

Nice work. Interpretation self-portrait featuring cosplay costume of choice?

Jiovanni responds:

Thanks for the belated Halloween wishes! No pirate costume?? geeze!
eh, mine is still sitting in my closet too, gathering dust. Plus with it being a lady pirate costume, its not really work appropriate. I didn't dress up at work either, I just wore a pumpkin scrub top.
I was festive enough.

As for the artwork, it was just a random fleeting thought it my brain that I decided to doodle while watching 3 episodes of the simpsons treehouse of horror.


2013-11-02 15:20:32

Pumpkin boobies and an umbrella for a nose,
I wonder what her pumpkin toes look like?
Who knows..... me, I just had a look and..
Eww gross!

Jiovanni responds:


yeah pumpkin toes are nasty!