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Didlr anyone?

2013-10-16 01:06:24 by Jiovanni

So is anyone out here on newgrounds using didlr at all? Its a social drawing app for the computer, tablet, or phone. They even have a webpage where you can draw on it. I enjoy it and have been making lots of little doodles on there in between my art that I post on the art portal.

I don't animate, but the way the didlr app saves the drawings you make, it plays them back like a little video, showing the viewer line for line how the drawing was made. I think it's pretty cool. I know I have mentioned didlr on here previously. I was just curious to see if anyone has tried it yet or if they like it?


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2013-10-16 01:16:27

never even heard of it(not one for phone apps) but it does sound intresting. I'll have to try it out, thanks for the post about it and i hope you get the answer you're looking for


2013-10-17 07:48:29

I remember you mentioning it earlier, saved the link, but I haven't gotten around to trying it out yet. About the compiled doodle video btw, is that something you can export? If that's the case it'd be great to see it here!

Jiovanni responds:

I don't think so. The doodle videos are all through the website or app and there is no way to download them. If you make a didlr account you can look me up. I'm listed as "AceofTrace"


2013-10-18 09:39:04

Will do. 18 medls, 303 didls... 50 followers! Nice stats! Nice didls too, though it seems they're on a bit of a lower level than the artwork you post here. Tried didling around but this thing really isn't built for a mouse... no smoothing option at all.

Jiovanni responds:

Yeah, my didls are nothing compared to my artwork on here because I can't make the drawings as fine tuned on a tablet with a stylus as compared to my hands with a pen. It is just not the same. I do the best I can though. I saw you followed me on the didlr so I also followed you back as well! Yeah the website is terrible and laggy and even on the tablet the lines come out very scribbly. It's very hard to make the drawings look decent, the app is just so basic. I think a lot of other people are drawing on either larger tablets or are using the special app for the new windows 8 software. I think the computer app has to be the best one, because I have seen some spectacular drawings and I think they are getting more options or choices with that app as compared to online or on the phone, tablet. You just get basic colors and different line thickness, no eraser. The layering is nice though. But still a very basic difficult to use app.


2013-10-19 03:00:50

So even with a tablet it's not a piece of cake to use! I was thinking a touch-based interface should be much easier. One little detail that's bugging me is that you don't see the cursor when you're drawing, so it really seems oriented towards such devices. Thanks for the follow though! I'll see if I can make something to merit the attention. :P

Jiovanni responds:

Yeah, its just not a very solid app/program for fine detail and fine drawing. I occasionally see some amazing artwork on there, but I have to think to myself "they must be cheating" because I have no idea how they can do that with the limited options the app has!