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So Baked!

2013-08-29 01:24:43 by Jiovanni

So big news today!!

I am finally buying clay to make and bake my clay creations so I can start selling them!

I'm thinking about selling each clay for about $15 - $20.

The "White Dog" piece that I just posted is going to be baked and ready for sale soon.
I am also working on a chicken head that I just finished baking and am painting currently.

I'm not really enjoying painting the clay, so I think for my future pieces, I will just leave them as is and let the buyer paint them if need be.

Anyways, just wanted to share this exciting news as it is a big step for me and my hobby.



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2013-08-29 02:15:05

Well, the dog looks like it might want some panting (painting, lol) to define the features/depth better. The eyes are kinda un-doglike. But you could offer both painted and unpainted for different prices.

It's truly unique having two tongues, but maybe I'm missing some aesthetic qualities.... kinda tired now, but wanted to wish you luck and happiness!

Jiovanni responds:

I'm not intending for my pieces to be realistic in any way. I like them to be abstract and unique. It's hard to see in the photos, but the dog head had some indents to give it character and an interesting feel when you are holding it and looking at it. The two tongues were added last minute as I was trying to use up the clay.

I'm honestly not a fan of painting the clay. I am working on my first piece which is a chicken head. I am painting the chicken head right now and I don't like how its turning out...
So I think for my future pieces, I will leave them without paint, so the buyer can choose whether or not they want to paint it themselves.