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Pin Cushion Pig

2014-05-17 02:01:26 by Jiovanni


This is a minimalist drawing I did of a guinea pig. I was going to originally title it "Voodoo Piggy", but I liked the sound of "Pin Cushion Pig" better. This drawing took about 2 hours to make. I started out with the outline in bold, and then went to the gym and mulled over how I wanted to do the body details in my mind. Then I came back to the drawing about an hour later and filled in the rest. There was no set direction with this, I just went with it. I like the minimalist look of it. I'm not really great with drawing hairs or fur, so instead I did the little lines coming out of the body to give the hint of hair. But of course it looks more like tiny little needles or pins sticking out of the pig body. There is a lot of planning when I do my drawings. Even when I don't actually have a set plan, deep down-- every line has its place on that white paper. White paper and a black gel pen. Those are my tools of choice.


Sorry kids, I just can't dig your fancy computer art. The only time I use the computer for my art is to upload the photos onto newgrounds. newgrounds needs a phone app. Then I could upload from my phone directly onto newgrounds. Currently, I have to upload to facebook, then save the image via the computer on facebook, and then upload that file onto newgrounds. Not a big hassle, but a decent newgrounds app would be kinda nice. Obviously you couldn't watch flash animations or play the games due to the phones not being able to process that. But it would be kinda cool to be able to post art remotely or chat, blog, or post on the forums.


so, off topic: I've been a fan of the Sims game since it first came out in 1999/2000. I have the free online version on my phone currently. The funny thing is, in the app world-- the free version is the best produced sims game app. The paid for sims apps all have terrible reviews, don't get updated regularly and crash a lot. On top of that, I was browsing the newer Sims games online on the Sims site and on EA games, and then checked out the reviews on Steam. The new Sims 3 in all expansions and starter game apparently all equally suck, are mostly downloaded content and I think require internet access, and have awful reviews! I was shocked. So I am considering going back a generation to the Sims 2. I used to have it... and threw all the discs away in a fit of rage because the game would glitch out like crazy. Like the longer I played it, the worse it got over time. But, if the newer generations are as bad as I have been reading and have all this downloadable content/internet access required BS... I think I would gladly take the Sims 2 in all it's glitchy horror. I guess if my Sims die from being stuck in their beds or I have to fill up their houses w/ frozen unmovable queen-sized beds, I can just laugh and start over. No joke, I would make a house and decorate the bedroom, and then out of the blue the bed would become frozen and unusable. It was like it didn't exist or was just like a giant roadblock in the room. I couldn't delete it and the Sims would either get stuck in it during their sleep and die or they would just not be able to use it. So-- I would have to build an additional bedroom and relocate everything and buy a new bed. It was a vicious cycle. That was one of the frustrations of the game that led me to trash the discs. The Sims freeplay is okay, but each task that they complete literally takes anywhere from 6 seconds to 24 hours to complete. It is insane! So, the game is VERY slow progressing. I pretty much play once a day and I only play less than 10 minutes. and that is because of the weird long ass duration of the tasks. Seriously?? It takes you 4 hours to plant onions in the garden??



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2014-05-17 03:51:31

I could plant half an acre in 4 hours.. Yeah, I hear about sim lyfe, not that I found it all that appealing, but anything in the digital realm is prone to overuse, especially when they make games for ppl with no lives, so they increase the time to play it, by useless padding |:

Everything electric takes so much eyework, know what I mean? Even reading for fun, thank Gob for audiobooks.

Jiovanni responds:

I have heard a lot of good about the audiobooks. I have such a hard time reading anymore. My eyes are always skipping words and sentences because they get tired of the continuing paragraphs.


2014-05-17 04:46:40

Other than burning them alive, or making then drown, or force breeding them, what other fun can you get out of the Sims?

Jiovanni responds:

well I enjoyed raising little families, trying to get their aspirations as high as I could through each life cycle and then they would slowly pass on, knowing their lives were fulfilled.
But mostly thinking of creative ways for them to die...


2014-05-17 12:41:23

I figured with all the office work, you'd be sick of looking at monitors...

Jiovanni responds:

Yeah, you would think that-- but even after an 8 hour day, I'm still glued to them. I do go to the gym for an hour a day during the week


2014-05-17 21:23:27

I yawned with just reading the things you do at the sims XD. What about red alert and starcraft? you can manage units in those games too, plus is all about death!

Jiovanni responds:

Wasn't a big fan of starcraft. I did try to play it though. Haven't heard of red alert.


2014-05-17 21:40:12

Good thing monitor tech has improved, but chairs haven't. I really just need to make sits at a forward angle, a cushion for the front of the legs below that... it's like getting in and out of a student desk. Forces everything from you butt on up, to act like it's standing.

Jiovanni responds:

sounds very uncomfortable!


2014-05-18 20:34:59

Jiovanni responds:

Thanks for the video links, looks like a very manly game


2014-05-19 02:23:01

It isn't really, take a lot of pressure off your lower back, and forces everything from you butt on up, to stand straight.

Jiovanni responds:

that doesn't sound too bad then, posture is key, so I have heard


2014-05-19 11:32:29

Well it has giant missiles, giant robots, zeppelins, teleportation, chronospheres, and flying dogs!